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Water and drainage issues are being examined closely at this time in a cooperative effort among the LES Homeowners' Association, Barnett Management, DiSanto Enterprises, Oxbow Engineering, the Lake County Stormwater Management office, and the Lake County Soil & Conservation office. The main creek is being cleared this week, and engineers will be continuing to walk through specific areas in LES where some residents have had concerns (including along the creek and along the railroad track) to assess detention basins, easements, drains, culverts, clearings, obstructions, swales, and other related matters. A variety of engineering evaluations are underway, which may answer some specific questions such as the capacity or functionality of certain culverts, basins, and drains, and elevations and swales on certain individual properties. This report will also help identify areas of education and uniform enforcement among all LES residents, to prevent future water mismanagement and neighborly disagreements. Many LES residents misunderstand the purposes and legal restrictions of detention basins, easements, and water courses, so many violations have occurred which must be corrected. The engineers and management company will be coordinating efforts over the next few weeks to identify all LES properties in violation, as well as to educate all LES residents generally on all such issues. More information will be posted in a few weeks.
(Posted 4/3/07)
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